LEMIEUX, clément

Clement Lemieux, was born in 1946, in Lévis. He hold a black belt in judo, and created his school in the basement of his own house, where he met his future wife. They decided to start a family. As the family grew, Clement showed an interest in wood and making furniture for everybody, especially his family. He gave up carpentry to study sculpture lessons and to perfect his skills. He closed his Judo school to become a full time artist, and father of 12. While continuing to sculpt he developed a talent for abstract painting where colors has no secret for him. Clement Lemieux is a true example of a Canadian artist where the beginnings have not always been easy, but he has shown that it is never too late to develop a passion for art.

Les Joies d'aimer

Bois de pin et/ou cerisier
H: 7"
Plusieurs modèles disponibles

Les jumelles

Bois de pin et acrylique sur base de granite
Hauteur: 34,5"

Allaitement maternel

Bois de pin
H: 48"

Lien Maternel

Bois de pin et acrylique
H : 47’’

Petit Couple

Bois de pin et acrylique
H : 52’’

La saxophoniste

Bois de pin , acrylique
H : 63’’

Petit saxophone femme

Bois de pin, acrylique
H :14’’

Au son de la guitare

Bois de pin, acrylique
H :18’’